A large-scale event about technologies of the future

07-08 July, 2018 Moscow


CyberCon 2018

Why you should attend our Conference?

Our goal is to present how the new technologies will shape the future! You’ll see the countless possibilities of using blockchain in connection with other industries such as: VR, AR, AI, Robonomics, etc.


The Conference will be held at the Moscow school of Management Skolkovo, but we also conduct our events in other cities.

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Planned cities

Sankt Peterburg, Minsk, Kiev, Moscow, Madrid, Zug.

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We've invited the most influential people from the blockchain sphere and related industries such as: VR, AI, Robonomics.


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For Whom our Conference:

  • Developers, engineers, IT specialists and tech students
  • Investors who want to invest in the technologies of the future
  • Visioners and entrepreneurs
  • Geeks and early adopters of new technologies

What sections will be covered:

  • Blockchain and tokenization
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Virtual Reality
  • Robonomics
  • Related Disciplines

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Our planned Activities:

  • Blocktech week - popular science lectures about Blockchain, VR, AR, AI and robotechnics in the biggest cities of the Europe
  • Weekend technologies of the future - series of events that show new technologies in action
  • Conference Cyber World - two day event that covers the most important topics about technologies of future, including blockchain

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